Gamespot: Monster Madness: Grave Danger Review

Released last year for the PC and Xbox 360, Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia tried to dress up the fun of classic top-down arcade games such as Gauntlet in the trappings of a schlocky monster movie. But a host of issues, including lousy pacing and imprecise controls, made the game itself feel pretty schlocky. Now a revamped version of the game, complete with a new subtitle, is out on the PlayStation 3. But despite a few nice improvements, Monster Madness: Grave Danger is an awkward, tedious game.

The Good:
* Dual-stick shooter controls are a great improvement over original game
* Support for four players in online campaign mode
* Good variety of ranged weapons.

The Bad:
* Terrible pacing
* Gameplay is repetitive and tedious
* Unimpressive graphics and sound
* Camera can't always keep up with online action
* Respawn system removes all challenge.

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