Gamespot: Mister Slime Review

Mister Slime is a simple 2D platformer that casts you as Slimy, a giant green head with four stretchable arms that is stuck doing chores for the local tribal leader. When he is finally able to sneak away, young Slimy ventures into the neighboring forest on a quest to find a friend, and en route embarks upon a historic journey to determine the origins of an ongoing war between the slimes and the axons, a neighboring tribe. The plot, while straight forward, is usually advanced via brief bits of poor dialogue and feels included almost as an afterthought because it's largely nonexistent. As a result you'll find yourself exploring many areas without a clue as to what you're doing.

The Good:
* Cute and kid-friendly

The Bad:
* Slow, frustrating pace
* Some annoying gameplay mechanics
* A tad buggy
* Barebones mode offerings.

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