Minecraft reaches major sales milestones in Japan

Minecraft has hit it big in the land of the rising sun, and you might not believe which abandoned platform is behind it.

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miyamoto951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Thanks to PS Vita, eh Microsoft and PlayStation haters?
The PS Vita version is always in the Weekly Top 10 in Japan.

"As of May 1st, 2016, the physical version of Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition has sold 673,710 copies, with Famitsu digital estimates being at 336,567 units for a grand total of 1,010,277 units. Not only is Minecraft the first title on PS Vita to reach that milestone in Japan, it’s also the first single-SKU PlayStation release to do so since PSP’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in 2010."

A thank you from Phil Spencer is in Order 2016?????

miyamoto951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

"The game’s physical release, which is published by Sony, has become the company’s best selling release in the country in years."

Microsoft owes PS Vita Big Time especially in Japan!
PS Vita is the champion of Minecraft in Japan!

Fin_The_Human950d ago

I am sure that MS appreciates the sales they Sonys Vita has brought them in Japan and thanks them.

Funny how all the Sony fanboys were calling MS crazy for buying MineCraft and that they paid too much.

At this rate the prediction that MS would have regained what they spent on MC by the end of 2016 is possible.

TheCommentator950d ago

Ps Vita owes MS big time. Fixed.

miyamoto949d ago

Xbone can't even sell Minecraft in Japan. Fixed.