Spacecat returns with a vengeance, bringing Gears of War 2 Achievements

Destructoid has been provided with an anonymous tip: the full list of the fifty Achievements in Gears of War 2! The list includes the previously confirmed "Seriously 2.0", which requires 100,000 kills for it to be unlocked.

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sak5003759d ago

Will it get trophy support in 1 year's time via patch?

thereapersson3759d ago

I don't care if this is the open zone. Your comment was just plain stupid.

sak5003759d ago

@idiot above

This is open zone but your comment for duke nukem in gamer zone

"2.1 - Hrm
Are you talking about Too Human? "

was valid?

Hypocrit jaka$$ ignored

thereapersson3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I was trying to figure out what his passive bashing was about. I had a feeling that was the game he was referring to.

BTW, I have not played Too Human, so I cannot say if it was a good game or not. Unlike you, I don't pass judgement on a piece of software until I have played it. I guess all the trolling you've done in the past is validated now that you called me out on a comment you didn't understand the nature of, eh?

Then again, you won't be able to read this comment, so I don't know why I bother.

BTW, the reason I reported your comment as ignorant was because there's no way that Gears of War will go to the PS3. Therefore, you making that ridiculous statement made no sense whatsoever, even for a half-assed trolling attempt.

Stryfeno23758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Did someone call

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sak5003759d ago

Wow 18 chapters. Its nice to get the game broken down in chapters to make it more interesting then just running and gunning for endless hours. I can see some very difficult achievemnts like seriously 2.0 and survived to 10 but why give only 50 and 30 points to them. They should reward people who will play this with higher points like 150 and 75 atleast. I hope u're listening CLIFFY B...............

Unreal_Liquid_Jonte3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

HOW the f#ck????????? online or offline?

sak5003759d ago

I think its all across the game modes.

chanto233759d ago

both count toward the achievement

chanto233759d ago

wayyyyy to easy compared to the 1st gears...except for seriously 2.0...i'm talking about the online achievements, they look like they can all be collected in a couple of matches only.

Lyan3758d ago

Not really, see quote below and link.

"As it's currently planned, Epic will be "throttling" GoW2's achievements by limiting how much unlocking progress can be made per game or round. Cliffy gave an example of the unlocking system by saying that "if you're going for headshots, you get one headshot that counts and any other headshots won't count towards your Achievement" which is being done "so players don't just play to get headshots the entire round just to get Achievements.""

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