Gamespot : Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Review writes " racing game focused entirely on one car manufacturer seems like a bit of an anachronism nowadays, and System 3's Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli certainly feels like a throwback to another era. While most other recent racers feature a large roster of car licenses, Ferrari Challenge is content to bask in its adoration of the Prancing Pony, something made clear right from the game's opening cinematic (featuring slow-motion close-ups of a Ferrari F430, which are practically erotic in nature). It'll certainly appeal to Ferrari fans, but it doesn't do enough to hold the interest of those whose automotive inclinations run beyond the famed Italian carmaker's stable. "

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PoSTedUP3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

this review is basically hating on the game for not having a wide variety of manufactures XD. the name of the game is called Ferrari! their are no other cars in it besides Ferrari's! lol thats like reviewing GOD OF WAR and giving it a low score because you fight GODS *face palm*

TheDeadMetalhead3765d ago

This game (6.5) is STILL better than Too-Big-Of-A-Flop-For-The-PS3- Human (5.5) XD