GameTrailers: Far Cry 2 GC 2008: Console Jungle Gameplay

Hunt your human prey from a distance.

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grantps33676d ago

it looks good but im not going to buy it. it feels like somethings missing to it. im not impressed with the guns (graphicly) they look realy bad compared to the rest of the game.

El_Colombiano3676d ago

It's the fact you can't go

ThatCanadianGuy3676d ago

No prone? thats pretty stupid..
I'll probaly pick it up anyways just because it has trophies

Droid3675d ago

typical desperate droid. so sad you now buy games based on whether or not they FINALLY support some meaningless trophies. how sad. perhaps you should have gotten a 360. all games support them. have so since launch.

poor, sad, pathetic, useless, utterly worthless droid.

ThatCanadianGuy3675d ago

Lol noob.Dumbass f*cking idiot.Whats the purpose of Achivements?
People could just go to the store and BUY a f*cking points card you idiot.I prefer to EARN my trophies and level up.No p*ssy cheating involved.Jackass.Just when i thought you couldnt be anymore f*cking stupid.

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romemac73676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

the game looks great and seem to have great game play to, but who ever is playing tro the demo suck a$$ at shooting. but still i can't wait to add this one to my ever growing fps game:)


n4gzz3675d ago

What is wrong with his gameplay ?? I play like that too. Its not Halo or resistance or COD. You kinda have to play like that.

thereapersson3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

This game is shaping up rather well!

Arsenic133676d ago

I am very excited about this game. The god rays look fantastic and the map editor is just god like.

n4gzz3675d ago

I will be picking this up if they don't have frame rate problem. Ubisoft usually manage to have frame rate.
I like the setting and Open world, over 50 hrs gameplay.

rafaleon3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Without a doubt, this is the best looking game on any console.

Dunta223675d ago

have you forgot about Killzone2?