G4TV Exclusive HD Resistance 2: Multiplayer Gameplay

Check out this exclusive multiplayer gameplay footage from Insomniac's highly anticipated FPS, Resistance 2 for the PlayStation 3.

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RememberThe3573761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Lets hope that the game plays good as well.

Surfman3761d ago

R2 is all about Gameplay and fun, not graphics (even its it looks ok)

chaosatom3761d ago

the environments are going to be huge in the game.

solidt123761d ago

I just watched this video at least 20 times. I am so siked for this game.

CrazyMystical3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

i don't like how they are changing up the gun pointers make them so large & inaccurate thats one thing i felt they should keep the same.

but i still cant wait a AAA title in the making.

The Cryptkeeper3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

looks amazing. I think the 60 MP is what im most hyped for. But i think it needs improving on the vechicle destruction, i mean going from perfectally fine to blown up there should be bullet holes or at the very least a sound effect.

ScratchMarks3761d ago

Absolutely amazing that the PS3 can handle 60 players in these enormous levels with this incredible level of graphics.

The amount of polys Insomniac has the PS3 pumping out is mind boggling.

cahill3761d ago

November 4th cant come soon enough

Bubble Buddy3761d ago

YES! The air vents are back. This game looks sick. They made the XP system kind of like Call Of Duty 4's but funner to watch. :)

fanboi hater3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

and I'll probably get disagrees but...

I'm in the private resistance 2 beta testing and color me unimpressed resistance 1 is better in every aspect. This is coming from someone who logged hundreds of hours into rfom and R2 was one of my most anticipated games. When i got the email i was so excited i immediately downloaded it. When i booted up and started a game i was instantly unimpressed the graphics aren't very good, perhaps single player will be different, but in my opinion the new art style and overall look is pretty bad. As for gameplay its also quite week at the moment the guns just don't feel right like they did in resistance 1, however it is a beta so i expect that to change. However the graphics, which i know aren't everything are just poor and it honestly detracts from the game to a significant point (it hard for me to say it but honestly halo 3 might look better at least in some aspects). The AI is also quite stupid and that is unforgivable.

This is just my opinion but it must be heard if they are to fix the problems before launch

(honestly i wouldn't mind them delaying for six months to get it up to par becuase as of right now I'd rather play some rfom)

Qbanboi3761d ago

^^^ I don't get it. The graphics on the video doesn't look bad at all. And it looks fun as hell. But i'm not disagreeing with u, i'm just saying... I will have to wait and get into the beta, to make my mind.

Doppy3761d ago

The graphics have gotten a much needed improvement. I like the chain gun, and the look of the new bullseye. Now that we've seen single player, and multiplayer it's time to show us some 8 player co-op before November.

BobDog3761d ago

fanboi, i think its u

uve spammed that same copy pasted opinion so many times, im started to not beleive that u are in the beta.

my apologies if this is not u who keeps copy pasting that exact same statement alot of times

nycredude3761d ago

Do you mind listing your psn name so we can see you playing the beta?

I am quite disturbed by your assessment and would like some proof that you actually are playing the beta. Anyhow I have the annual qore sub so soon I will get to see for myself.

Nineball21123761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Well, since it's already well known there is a private beta going on, I don't have an issue saying that I am also in the beta.

You, according to the terms of being in the beta shouldn't be disclosing ANYTHING about it.

I will say that this is a beta! Things will be tweaked between now and when it's released. I can also say that I (unlike you) was immediately impressed with the new look.

You really need to hold off on giving your opinion until the beta goes public in a week or two.

fanboi hater3760d ago

yeah ur right i was just kinda upset at the time, but i should have held off on my opinion
and I'm surprised u like the new look it just doesn't look quite right to me and its not very crisp

yeah ur right i did post this some where else but the article wasnt very active and i felt my contribution would be more valid here
so sorry if u felt like i was spamming

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Bombibomb3761d ago

Even the 60 player battles look beautiful. And what's with the ball? Is that a new multiplayer mode? Looks like it.

Harry1903761d ago

The one he throws in the video? That's sort of a chimeran shrapnel grenade.

Bombibomb3761d ago

You could never pick those up in Fall of Man though.

Harry1903761d ago

pretty sure you could. There were also booby traps with those things coming out of the ground.

Bombibomb3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

I'm not talking about the Hedgehogs. Fast forward to 0:48. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Hagaf223761d ago

its a core, r2's version of capture the flag.

Liquid Dust3761d ago

Yea bombibomb, i see what youre talking about, other than the shrapnel grenade, looks like some sort of bomb or orb to be place in that holder at the end, some sort of take on capture the flag/base perhaps?

Looks like a ton of fun though

Kleptic3761d ago

those things were also in Res 1, the single player at least...the zombie like things would carry them around in stick them in the sockets for whatever could also kick them around, and then shoot it...was always fun to shoot one when the enemy was carrying them, would toss him across the room...

Harry1903761d ago

I see what you meant now. I apologize.

mfwahwah3761d ago

Yeah, I also liked shooting the bottom one when they were stacked in 3s. It would just launch up into the air, was pretty fun for some reason :P

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morganfell3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

I can't wait to let 'Old Painless' out of the bag and wreak some havoc.

Liquid Dust3761d ago

"Ain't got time to bleed..."

heyheyhey3761d ago

man that looks fun.. can't wait... loving the new envoironments and weapons

does the game have split-screen?

Spread Butt Cheeks3761d ago

idiot. a new engine and the game still doesn't look anything close to gears of war. more crappy looking army men and aliens coming your way.

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

cahill3761d ago

the game looks miless better than Gears

Gears 1/2 doesnt have any color

Resistance 2 owns all shooters on LAG BOX 360

60 player online, 8 player c0-0p and 2 SP missions with 300 feet bosses

vs 10 player online, just 2 player co-op and 1 short SP mission with just 40 feet bosses

R2 owns Gears in all areas

ZombieNinjaPanda3761d ago

Why is it that you guys must compare every single frickin ps3 game to the graphics of Gears?

How would you like it if I compared every single 360 game to the graphics of Killzone 2?

Can you say fail?

Stop trolling, both the 360 and the ps3 have good graphics.

heyheyhey3761d ago


you talk about crappy looking army men and aliens and then you mention Gears of War in a positive context??


you fail horribly

besides- the game was never meant to be a graphical milestone, the gameplay is what's excellent here

n8dogg863761d ago

You're the idiot.

"...the game still doesn't look anything close to gears of war."

No, but Killzone 2 does. Gears 2 and Killzone 2 are graphics-centric, while Resistance 2 and Halo 3 are less flashy to allow better online multiplayer.

Gears Of War 2 Single-Player Mode: ~ 10 hours
Gears Of War 2 Online Multiplayer: 5 vs. 5 (maximum)

Resistance 2 Single-Player Mode: ~ 30 hours (2 Separate Campaign Modes)
Resistance 2 Online Multiplayer: 30 vs. 30 (maximum)

Resistance 2 also supports up to 8-player co-op, and has two storylines (1 for single player, 1 for co-op). So yeah, you enjoy those "awesume grahpics". You'll need a good reason to justify the purchase.

silverchode3761d ago

gears is the only good looking game the 360 has thats why all ps3 games are compared to it. you dont hear people comparing ps3 games to halo 3 since its graphics look slightly better than halo 2.

PimpHandStrong3761d ago

have more Gears of War bashing!

i kid i kid

Gears is a top down 3rd person shooter!
R2 is a FPS

lets stop comparing the two just because PR ppl want you to!

R2 offers more for the 60 bucks! you cant argue that!

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gano3761d ago

Is so garbage. I know it's good i will not waste no time on the site.