X-Play Sony Floor Report

Adam is back on the floor at Leipzig to find out the latest on upcoming titles from Sony including Heavy Rain, inFamous, LBP, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.

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Silogon3758d ago

Boring quickly came to mind when Infamous was shown' ... It's sad but very true. Infamous is like taking a giant $#*T into a plastic ziplock bag and then passing it off as left overs.

TheColbertinator3758d ago

Well its not like they have shown the full game yet Silogon so its best to wait and see how it is.

Rick Astley3758d ago

You posted something similar to that on the official PlayStation Blog, Gayblow. You must enjoy having 1-2 bubbles lol.

Silogon3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I wish you morons would wake up and see how utterly stupid you are for thinking I'm Games blow, ad what's more funny your using my buzz word for him. ahhahahaha, too classic. How funny feeble minded people are when they don't know $#*T on their own.

Rick Astley3758d ago

But you are Gamesblow. Stop denying it.

ZombieNinjaPanda3758d ago

Actually disagree with you.

InFamous looks pretty good, the powers look fun. Reminds you a little bit of star wars.

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TheColbertinator3758d ago

Daaaaaamn.Check out the Splicer gun in Resistance 2.Truly sick weapon.Insomniac's answer to the chainsaw gun,perhaps?

Harry1903758d ago

I noticed that too. Even though it's awesome, I can sense some kind of mini-controvesy coming because of the 'violence'. That won't really change anything since the thing looks extremely fun to play with.
I wonder if they will only give you few ammo because it seems to pack quite a punch.

Overr8ed3758d ago

Hell yea that looked so cool it was a few seconds but dang. I cant wait till the game becomes polished.

ZombieNinjaPanda3758d ago

In the 2nd Ratchet and Clank I believe.

It was a chainsaw blade that would Ricochet off of walls.

KingKirchner3758d ago

Splicer does indeed look awesome. However, it'd be much more accurate to compare it to the Buzz Blades in R&C than the GeOW chainsaw gun.

And also, for anyone thinking it, the shields in R2 are not a rip off of Halo 3, they are taken from R&C: UYA on PS2 (Ratchet had a shield weapon just like it)

cahill3758d ago

Resistance 2 footage looks so damn amazing


Doppy3758d ago

Great job Xplay you have satisfied me like no other. Although the demos were short you provided enough to wet myself.

Now first things first Heavy Rain looks amazing, I just hope the game isn't too simple to where it bores people (I guess I have to think of this game as watching a movie).

Second Little Big Planet.... I just cant' wait come October this game will take my life away.

Third Infamous lightning superpowers in an open world game enough said (too bad you can't choose your own power, but oh well).

Forth Killzone 2 looks beautiful as always, but I wish they would have shown more multiplayer.

Finally Resistance 2. The splicer just upped Resistance back to being my favorite game MGS4 had stole the first Resistance's thunder, but now it's back with more gore. But still it's not too gory which is what I like.

I expected there to be some kind of bashing by Xplay seeing how when they interviewed the multiplatfrom games they didn't once as any developer about the PS3 versions of the game. But they have made it up with this short but oh so sweet coverage.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3758d ago

LBP and Heavy Rain are two genre "creating and defining" games and they are "ONLY on PlayStation 3"

Gambit073758d ago

Does Adam have neck issues, he never turns his head.

Peekay3758d ago

all these games look sic!

Figboy3757d ago

he has an invisible Batman cowl that none of us can see?

ZombieNinjaPanda3758d ago

Eric seemed nervous, he should have mentioned the non loading game modes.

And the little big planet stage with the monster destroying the blocks looks fun. New ideas for some levels.

And InFamous! That really looked good. I liked the electricity lights and the powers you get.

I'm really interested and Resistance 2's single player, but mp looks really fun.

Btw to all ,the splicer was originally A Ratchet And Clank weapon. IT was the ricochet gun or w/e and the saw blades would bounce off of multiple walls.

Hehe, looks fun :D

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