Real Wood Guitar Hero/Rock Band Gets a Hands on Review

While there's likely nothing that will convince most folks of the merits of a full-size, $180 wooden guitar controller, those still on the fence about this particular piece of excess may be interested to know that the good people of PS3 Fanboy recently got their hands on one, and they've now offered up some initial impressions. As you might expect, they found it to definitely be a hefty device, but far from an unwieldy one, with the buttons as familiar as even and the strum bar in particular a significant improvement over other Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars. Peak also doesn't look to have cut any corners when it comes to the little details, with even the strap made of a thick fabric that makes it more comfortable to wear.

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thereapersson3759d ago

If you have to put this much work into a game controller for a music game, you might as well spend the time to learn a real instrument. Seriously, you'll get a lot more satisfaction out of it, and you can play it whenever, instead of having to be in front of a TV, tapping little buttons.