Saddest Moments in Video Games

"What makes a memorable plot? The characters, the script, the plot -they're all integral components to crafting a tale. But what really leaves an impression, what really forces a story to linger in the minds of gamers, is rarely the triumphs of the story's protagonists but the tragedies. Death, loss, defeat -those emotionally powerful moments in video game is what not only define its story, but have the power to move even the most ardent of gamers to tears."

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blu3print3737d ago

what about the death of the princess in Mario.... oh wait that didn't happen, it should have though, for always being in another damn castle

FantasyStar3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I can find more sadder stuff, but ExplodingBarrel are right on queue. Man just thinking about it got me all depressed. (except for Half-Life 2, I didn't care about that series)

Of course the ones that hit me most were MGS3 and The Darkness. Sad everytime I think about it. FFT? When I was a kid, I would be sad, but Delita was always a bastard ever since you met up with him again years later. Zack's inevitable death was well...inevitable. I saw it coming and was already gauged for the reaction, so I wasn't hit too hard. I laughed a bit at the developer's attempts to yank a tear out of me with the violin music and DWM glitchy-witchy at the end. Cloud is as emo as always.

javy0093737d ago

my was when mother brain killed the metroid in


They missed the death of Kaim's child in Lost Odyssey.

Nevers3736d ago

Kaim's family made me cry like a baby for the first disc and a half...


...totally good picks though on moments that bring you down (in a good way lol/weep)

RadientFlux3737d ago

When I say the title of the article my first though was the ending of the second episode of Half-Life 2 and it's the first game to appear on the list.

Bathyj3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Your horse, not quite making the jump.

Man I was gutted.

ThatCanadianGuy3737d ago

What happend?? i never finished the game.Did only the horse die? or both of you? or what?

IzKyD13313737d ago

horse was sad as hell

macalatus3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

A 360 is to a 360 fanboy as a rifle is to a soldier. Losing a 360 due to RROD is quite a disaster...and brings out unimaginable sorrow.

2. Death of HD-DVD
At the beginning of this gen's console war, PS3 haters confidently believed that a HD-DVD victory would be enough to kill the PS3 and it's Blu-Ray. However, Warner's defection killed this lovely idea. The disappointment of this plan created wide spread anger amongst the hard core, 360 populace especially the ones with the HD-DVD add-ons! This is event is credited by some as the definite ending to N4G's Great Fanboy War of 2007 and securing this site as "Sony friendly".

DarkSniper3737d ago

3. Every Xbox 360 exclusive rated poor to mediocre reviews in 2008. Microsoft has undoubtedly dug themselves in grave danger expecting to annihilate their competition with "The Greatest Lineup In Gaming History" in 2007. As shown, 2008 has spelled a disastrous year for Xbox 360 and 2009 will be another stepping stone into their downward momentum into obscurity.

4. Your wallet. After paying for the thousands of microtransactions to enjoy one single video game. You find out that your XBox Live subscription has expired. In order to enjoy what Microslaves call "the best online experience in console history", you're forced to spend 50.00 that you the consumer, did not want to spend.

Sad moments indeed. Dark Sniper knows of a console that has continuously turned frowns into smiles.


TheColbertinator3737d ago

You guys are good at this stuff

__Lawyer__3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

The saddest moment in gaming history for many was the death of boss in METAL GEAR SOLID 3 but the the title of "saddest moment in gaming history" was quickly stripped and on november 17th of 2006.
Records indicate that, that day was the lauch of the most dreaded console in gaming history. With reports of deprived children gaming one morning only for there poorly crafted hardware to experience hardware malfunctions.
Are you tired of titles such as metal gear getting its "saddest moments" stripped away by the xbox?
Are you tired of your son coming home depressed that his xbox has malfunctioned on christmas day?
Are you tired of yourself going in dept constantly being charged for anything and everything xbox?
Well i am, and many of my clients alike....however, there is a solution to these unsanitary illegal acts brought to us by the ever failing minds and MICROSOFT GAME STUDIOS. Thanks to the ever expanding minds at SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT, your son can now wake up with tears of joy instead of tears of sorrow on christmas day.
Your money can now be used on family expenses instead of being charged to play online. And also, thanks to the genius of a man, Hideo Kojima, your childs saddest moment can be relived in metal gear solid 4 but not tears of regret and depression but tears of happiness and appreciation for the greatest game of this gen
If ready for a happy life and family.....the PLAYSTATION THREE is ready. And as the judges jurisdiction is set into is time to PLAY BEYOND.


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