BlizzCon Tickets Out!

The ticket drawings of 1500 tickets is now concluded, and the lucky people who were drawn can now buy up to two tickets each for BlizzCon (the mathematically gifted can count that 1500 x 2 = 3000 promised tickets). For tickets not bought where people only buy one, or where people forget to check their mail, more names will be drawn from the same pool. No word on exactly when though, not even in the BlizzCon FAQ...

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Leord3757d ago

I wasn't one of the lucky 1500 =(

Terrice3757d ago

Well, I didn't actually opt in, as my Blizzard Account was created too late. Still, would have been terrific to go!

FantasyStar3757d ago

I don't get why people are so hyped for this Blizzcon thing. Sounds like a comic convention.

Leord3757d ago

Well, it's apparently one of the top 7 places you should visit before you die:


FantasyStar3757d ago

whoa, what the ****?! Bubbles for the info. I guess it's something serious. Geez.

Leord3757d ago

Cheers man =)

There has been a HUGE ruckus about BlizzCon lately, to be honest. Not so much the popularity, but a marketing snafu from Blizzard...

kalos3757d ago

I regret to inform the N4G community that I was not selected :(

Leord3757d ago

Well, I'm really curious on how many people were in that draw tbh!

Fallen623757d ago

I can only say that I am not one of the 1500, but I wish that I was :( SC2 and D3 (hopefully) would keep me drooling for hours on end...