How You Can "Save" PC Gaming

If the press is to be believed, PC gamers are a dying breed, friends: the PC gamer is slowly slipping loose the surly bonds of expensive upgrades and Byzantine hardware requirements, and gently rising to grab onto the tray-and-play hem of console gaming.

The thing is, there's a kernel of truth in some of these arguments...and even if you don't agree with that, one would hope you can agree that bringing more people into the PC fold is only a good thing. So here's a handy cheat sheet for how you can "save" PC gaming.

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JsonHenry3764d ago

PC gaming will never die. At least not as long as consoles continue their slow but inevitable push towards being nothing but a PC.

CNIVEK3764d ago

You don't get it, apparently...even though your own words, show the flaw in your argument.

Console gamers don't have to build their own hardware, from components bought online, to be able to afford to play a game in optimized form.

You say it's a "slow" push toward being like PC, but 360/PC games are, in many ways, equal to, if not BETTER than most PC titles. Sure, you'll always have a Crysis, developed SOLELY for the purpose of selling new chipsets and graphics cards...but most PC games will be so similar to the console games, that the differences won't matter.

Starting this Fall, gamers will be able to enjoy the likes of Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, COD4, Gears of War 1 & 2, Mass Effect, etc....some of the best, and best LOOKING games on the market...for only a $200 hardware investment. FACT: there's not a PC on the PLANET, that will play ANY of those games, for that amount of money.

bumnut3764d ago

all of those games listed will look far better on my pc than a 360.

im running my games at 1200p on max detail

as for mass effect, it was a slide show on 360

Charmers3764d ago

You beat me too it bumnut. I bought a 360 to play GTA 4 when it came out. The 360 is now in the shed and I am eagerly awaiting the PC version. I dunno how people can game at such a pathetically low resolution and low framerate.

But they have to convince themselves some way that there console is "worth the money". I personally think it is envy from console gamers, this is why they leap on stories like this to proclaim PC gaming is dead. It is a "well if I can't afford PC gaming then no one should be allowed too" attitude.

Zyrusticae3764d ago

While PCs represent a greater initial investment, you're forgetting one thing: Upgrading existing PCs is not a thousand-dollar prospect, and many people already have PCs in their homes by default for work, internet, and, of course, play.

And you're completely ignoring the existence of games that will simply not play well on consoles, from pretty much every strategy game under the sun to MMORPGs to, well, many other particular styles that require control methods other than an analog stick and less than a dozen buttons. (Imagine trying Diablo 2's inventory management on a console. Euch!)

Not to mention that FPSers control better with a mouse and keyboard than an analog stick and said buttons.

Altered_Soul3764d ago

@CNIVEK: Yes, $200 for a subpar version of what everyone else is playing. Oh, and don't forget the $1000+ investment for a tv to make use of seeing it from your couch. And the required, proprietary accessories. If you want to bring up comparisons in the console versus PC discussion, cost is not an effective deal breaker for either side. Both methods of play come with their costs. PC costs are more transparent while console costs are more deluded that comes with the territory of proprietary hardware (and software).

There are better arguments than cost, and even then its still subjective. Like party and sports games? PC is not the best idea. Like smoother gameplay with better controls and customization? A console won't get you that.

The dying gasp of each system out there right now (PC, and all the consoles), is in its "exclusivity", and the way the market is expanding right now, its becoming a frustrating aspect of the gaming industry, that only the console development companies themselves benefit from. Other than that, and the quirkiness that is the Wii (which is a good thing in today homogenized console world imho), we are looking at integrated gaming/entertainment systems in the near future. Much to the chagrin of Sony, Nintendo, and maybe Microsoft, but they kinda have their hands on software and hardware of any kind, so I would expect them to push the integrated future. We shall see.

Anyways, cost is the worst argument, and is indeed proven to be a misleading comparison between PC and console gaming. Arguments can be had, but its really about how you want to game rather than the economical factors.

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Chubear3764d ago

The PC community seem to be in a denial panic about their gaming experiences. PC gaming is dying and I for one dont' give a toss cause the PC community are one of the most pompous & arrogant morons I've ever meet in the community.

I'm not a fan of 360 fanatics at all but I'd rather have them around than the higher than thou attitude of PC gamers that really have nothing to be high and mighty about.

Cry PC fanatics, cry. While the console market flourishes with new comers on a daily basis, the PC fanbase are left to continually argue about if the platform is dying or not - HA! Not so flippin high & mighty now uh.

Charmers3764d ago

Wow not that you are bitter or anything. I dunno did the PC community murder your dog or something ? I always find it funny how these "PC dying" stories keep getting hyped up by the console community, funny that isn't it.

It seems to me the only people that seem to think the PC has any chance of dying is the console community. The PC isn't the one costing Microsoft billions of dollars, the PC isn't the one wiping out all of the profit Sony made in the PS2 era. If I was a console gamer I would turn my attention a bit closer to home, things are not looking too bright for your format.

The PC gaming community will never die, it will change and adapt because that is what the PC is excellent at. I have been a PC gamer for 20 odd years. In my time I have seen the PS1 come and seen people go "oh PC gaming is dead". I saw the PS2 arrive and again it was "oh PC gaming is dead" and here we are with the PS3 and guess what "PC gaming is dead". I mean come on here how many times do you have to be proved wrong ? I heartily predict if there is a PS4 we will still have people like you going "oh PC gaming is dead".

solar3763d ago

PC > consoles in ever aspect. and us PC gamers know we are better than the console elitists. our community is far greater than consoles. xbox live anyone? take your proprietary system and shove it. id rather be getting free updates from Valve and Blizzard then pay like on consoles. or pay $170 for a puny hard drive from MS. or the turd that PSN is right now. take your old tech consoles and cry some more.

Garethvk3764d ago

That and the fact that PC gamimng is still a multi Billion a year industry and no matter what, some games can not be played as well on consoles.

V0LT3763d ago

the question should be.... How do you save console gaming.

Seems to me there is more shovelware and poorly designed games coming out than good quality console games here over the past 1-2 years.

SkyGamer3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

First off buy their games! OK now being serious. What PC developers need to do is create a game on low settings, like GeForce 5200fx settings so that EVERYONE can play. That is one of the reasons why WoW is so popular because you do not need a high system to PLAY it. Now for people who have a monster machine, have it take the advantages of that hardware. That is one strength in consoles is that they are stable and you can play games, maybe not the level of pc games but AT LEAST you can still play them. Personally me I love my new rig as I am upgrading another 500 GB Sata-300 Hard Drive, 4 more GB of OCZ Sli Dual Channel DDR2 PC6400 RAM and an AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition CPU. Yum, Yum! Now I know that isn't the best but it is pretty good and it is WAY more powerful than ANY console.

New Setup

AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition
nVidia GeForce 9600gt Gaming Edition
8 GB OCZ Sli Dual Channel DDR2 PC6400
Asus M2N-Sli
750 GB SATA-300
Vista Ultimate X64

The rest are just for show. This is the most important things to mention.

I have paid under 700 bucks for this computer INCLUDING an Acer 19" LCD Monitor brand new! Of course this was a work in progress. Just get the main parts and start adding stuff little by little.

You need:
Motherboard (Most have on-board) - 60 for four slots
Case - 20-40 bucks
Power Supply Unit - some included with case if not 40
Hard Drive - 50 160 gb sata
Disc Drive - only need it really to install OS - borrow one
CPU - 70 AMD X2 5000+ Black Edition
Memory - 50 for 2gb Dual Channel DDR2 PC6400

Upgrade the rest later, start with a small hard drive and then add a bigger one later. You do not need to have the Incredible Hulk from the very get-go.

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