Tomonobu Itagaki's First Post-Tecmo Interview talks with the former head of Tecmo developer Team NINJA in his first interview since leaving the company.

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HowarthsNJ3428d ago

Remember, don't bother taking off - you'll only be shot down.

Not exactly how great things come about in this world.

DarkSniper3428d ago

Tomonobu Itagaki has finally accepted his role in the gaming development cycle. Mr. Itagaki realizes that he can finally develop games and associate himself with the elite developers in the gaming industry today.

Ted Price, Hideo Kojima, David Jaffe, David Cage are all world renowned developers in this industry that have one thing in common. All of them develop only for PLAYSTATION®3. This further proves Dark Sniper's premonition of PLAYSTATION®3 being the most developer friendly console for those who truly want to realize their true vision.

As results show, Xbox 360 is only a beginners toy. Developing for the console itself is only a tool used to give a developer self confidence that he/she has made their own game. You can seriously consider Xbox 360 to be the training wheels on a bicycle. Itagaki's Ninja Gaiden 2 was an extreme flop, Clifford Blezenski's game was utter garbage, and Dark Sniper needs to mention no further when the name Dennis Dyack is brought into the conversation.

The final thought is PLAYSTATION®3 is a system made by developers, for developers. End result is that all Sony Snipers benefit from this as they recieve the best AAA titles that gaming has to offer.


Kami3428d ago

is sony paying you or something??

FantasyStar3428d ago

I dunno, I said this in the other article snippet as well; It's going to take more than just a drunk man talking to make up for all the crap he spewed out those 3-4 years as a running mate for the 360.

pwnsause3428d ago

No, Hes Just Being Real. Truth Hurts Doesn't it?

FantasyStar3428d ago

If everything Itagaki was before he was fired at Tecmo a lie, then I can't wait to hear him when he lies for Sony.

Kami3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

yea, but i havent seen him in a while. he is just another troll.

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tplarkin73428d ago

This is from the EGM about 3 weeks ago. But it is new to those who don't read EGM.

Laexerias3428d ago

There are countrys.. the EGM doesnt exist.. !

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