Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Predictions For E3 Month June 2016

It's still early on in the month of May but with E3 right around the corner, it's just too exciting to not look ahead to what games we could see come to Xbox One via backward compatibility to commemorate the one year anniversary of the announcement of backwards compatibility at E3 2015.

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TheRandomOne502d ago

ODST is already out for XBOX One is it not ?

Paytaa502d ago

Only if you played the MCC before December 19, 2014. So not everyone is able to play it.

holysmokesbatman502d ago

The remastered version yes, the original 360 version no.

502d ago
meganick502d ago

I'm anticipating back compat with original Xbox games.

Gman32502d ago

Idk if microsoft can get rock* On board with xbox one backwards compatible hell none of rock* games are on psnow

thisgamer503501d ago

I have a feeling Rockstar wants to be able to port and resale their older catalog rather than allow us who already own their games to keep playing them on our current consoles.