The Last Guy, Coming To a City Near You

The in depth description of the game dated to be released in tomorrow's PSN Store update. Includes new information on maps, new screens, and some cool info regarding gameplay.

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clintos593708d ago

and opinions are all welcomed but at the same time there are many other gamers who will enjoy something fresh and new as this psn game. I for one am not a big fan of this type game but at the same time seeing IGN gave it a solid review has made me considering buying this game since it is something new.

kapedkrusader3708d ago

This game is basically a hybrid of Pac-man (except your avoiding monsters) and Snake Game (except its a crowd and not a snake).

Imallvol73708d ago

I thought the same thing. Like pac-man, but so weird. Some may like it. I couldn't stand it, even though the music was catchy.