Why Rock Band 2 is Better than Being in a Real Band

GameDaily writes: Forget about joining a real band. Here's why.

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Silogon3701d ago

Absurd, cop-out, answers to justify you playing a plastic toy with colored buttons. Real musicians balk at Rockbland and Plastic button hero.

seraph pinion3701d ago

and I've never gotten any a$$ because of Guitar Hero.

outlawlife3700d ago

being able to play real guitar pretty much guarantees some influx of poon

you don't even have to play it well

how do i know?

zo6_lover273701d ago


*plays guitar*


tangerine3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Can playing Rock Band get you sex with adoring groupies? Make you money? Get you out the stinking house?

PirateThom3701d ago

The only people who think Rock Band is better than Real Band are complete idiots.

Zydake3701d ago

Of course dam idiots there possibly the same people still thinking MGS4 is going to 360

outlawlife3700d ago

real band = most fun you can probably have legally

rock band = only fun if the people you play with don't take it too seriously

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