Shuhei Yoshida video interview "We will never forget hardcore gamers" made an video interview with Shuhei Yoshida and asked him about few this regarding PS3. He is very excisted about next Team ICO game... check vid for more info

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Darkiewonder3733d ago

We would like some RPGs too. thanks.

NO_PUDding3733d ago

Team ICO game is more important actually.

By miles in fact.

So excited, it sounds like he's seen it, or knows the concept.

LiquifiedArt3732d ago

Will make there way to ps3. Think about it like this. Since the xbox was a year early some of teh games are supporting there platform FIRST to start generating revenue to make a more COMPLETE version for the PS3.

:D Thats fine with me. Too many games right now. Heck Disgaea 3 could eat up 6months of your life.

socomnick3732d ago

Or maybe MS published/ paid for all the jrpgs to be deved for the 360 so they will never come out for Sony. Who knows maybe MS is still purchasing and buying up all the rpgs in the shadows. Versus has a pretty good chance of being multi.

mfwahwah3732d ago


Actually, Versus has a very low chance. It SPECIFICALLY says "PS3 exclusive world wide" instead of "For PS3." Nomura hates the 360, and disagrees strongly with the 13 team of what FF should be. Nomura wants to make the most out of Cell and use SIXAXIS. I could go on, but in the end, it's a pretty damn good chance that it won't go multi.

"So excited, it sounds like he's seen it, or knows the concept."

Do you know who Shuhei Yoshida is? He DEFINITELY has seen it ;)

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spoon3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

"We will never forget hardcore gamers like nintendo"

this is so funny .

edit: only becuase there was this guy called Lord Shuehi Yoshida on n4g

TOO PAWNED3733d ago

I like this guy more and more i see/hear from him.

mfwahwah3732d ago

He seems like the kind of guy that could be your neighbor. Just a regular cool guy. Except he's not... he's more important than my neighbors lol.

Silogon3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Until some RPG's are released I won't buy a word this guy says. He's classic for axing games -

"Getaway" "8days"

Come to mind. In a sense they already have forgotten the hardcore gamer cause all they care to release are FPS anymore. FPS and Sports games and those are as casual as you can get. Nintendo isn't the only ones in the wrong here and Microsoft are the only ones who are working towards establishing and keeping their hardcore gamers intact.

NO_PUDding3733d ago

But look at him smile whne ICO is mentioned.

this guy rocks, I love it.

TOO PAWNED3733d ago

FPS genre is for casual market? Buahahhahaha now iv heard it all....hillarious. If there is genre that is hardcore than that is FPS.

BTW-Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, heavy Rain, Infamous, GT5, White Knight Stories, Uncharted, etc, etc, etc all of these "casual" IP say hi to Silogon and other "casual" gamers.

N4G best place to read anything and everything.

Silogon3732d ago

I thought you were acting a little strange in your PMs but now you've flipped your lid.

FPS aren't casual? Halo isn't a casual franchise that sold 8 million alone for the xbox 360? ahhaah, please. FPS are casual, if not for their content and presentation, but for the sheer simplicity of them. Jump, run, shoot.

GT5, casual. Reached a market of 14 million worldwide. Not hardcore.

Uncharted, casual. Casual controls.

Motorstorm... that isn't casual to you? hahahahahahahahah, please. What next, you gonna try and tell me Super Mario bro's is hardcore?

You need to learn a few things about genre and defining. The IP's you listed are, for the most part, casual experiences.

White Knight story is an RPG, that equates and lends itself to the hardcore crowd. That is the only one on your list that isn't pick up and play gameplay.

Heavy Rain is going to be a casual affair, sorry. Timed button presses wants you to say hello to Dragon's Lair. < Not hardcore at all. So not hardcore, it was aged 5 and up.

I can go on but you clearly have no concept of hardcore and mainstream.

FPS are mainstream/casual. Sports games are mainstream/casual. They are for the pick up and play crowd and if you disagree with this statement then maybe you need more hands on time in reality and a little less time trying to be a detective and sending general creepy message to peoples PM boxing eluding to certain people being Games blow when they're clearly not.

TOO PAWNED3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Hmm you are so Gamesblow, or at least "one" of Gamesblows that are over the internet.
Back on topic, you can scream and jump all days long, but all of those games that you mention are not made with "casual" in dev mind. I will never see my father play for ex. resistance 2, controls are to complicated, its not just jump or shoot. It is most of the time Jump+Shoot+Aim+move all at the same time, and not many "casual" gamers are able to do that, just letting you know it.

It seems you miss understood something. Sales does not equal casual or not. Halo being sold as it did, it was because of MS brilliant marketing, being first(back in xbox era) great FPS on console + awesome online. Sure probably a lot of people bought it because it was hot stuff atm but that doesn't mean it is game for casuals or that only casual gamers play it, not saying that a lot of casual gamers didnt try it, but that doesnt make it casual game. And you using GT5 THE MOST HARDCORE RACER games EVER, with having races that last 24H (yeah casuals do like to play 24H roll eyes) and other most hard core modes and challenges you will ever see in any racing game. If you said Motorstorm can be played by casuals, 5 minutes, and done, but putting GT games in same box, ultimate FAILURE BRO.

Casual is Wiisport, Buzz, Singstar, EyeToy, many DS games and what not, those are gamers for which you dont need experience or "expertise" to be able to play them. YOu can play most of those games with one hand, that is casual bro, that is casual.

Now i want to make it clear once again. I am not debating if casual gamers did purchase and played Halo, GT, uncharted, etc. I am arguing that casuals playing something that hardcore gamers also play, does not make it casual game. There is difference between casual game and game that was made for hardcore (that buy games every month) gamers in mind, FIRST.

I know it is waste of my time to even bother writing this, since knowing how ignorant you are, even if everyone on this site was to prove you wrong, you would still stick to your thoery, but what ever, i wont replay anymore. You are wrong and it is so obvious.

Madgunner3732d ago

Hes classic for axing games? its not like he said meh lets stop making these games and make more casual ones.... he Ceased production on these games so other stuff can get done.... as far as im concerned its been halted not compleltely axe'd

juuken3732d ago

...You can't be serious with that statement.

Let me refer to a quote I've heard every single time.

"The 360 is the now, the PS3 is the future."

I trust that the PS3 is in good hands. We haven't seen even two years of the PS3 lifecycle. Things are only beginning for the PS3 and they will in fact get better.

Think about that.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

We always give support for our hardcore gaming audience unlike Nintendo.We also don't sell faulty merchandise unlike Microsoft.That is why Sony is Number One and the other "console" makers are begging for mercy.

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