GameTrailers: Castle Crashers Review HD

Gametrailers writes; "It isn't too often that you see a good retro-themed game hit the market - does Castle Crashers live up to the challenge?"

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InMyOpinion3464d ago

Design: 7.5

Did they play it with their eyes closed?

Relcom3464d ago

why the score was so low, he never really said anything bad about it.

InMyOpinion3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Castle Crashers is teh FLOP! Flopbox 3fixme RROD!!! Anything under 9/10 is teh Flopz0rzzz!!!

Just warming up...

Lost_My_600_Dollar3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )


they are busy with Infinite Undiscovery Review .. give them some time they will show up

outlawlife3461d ago

this game is better than most retail games...i'd put it in the mid 8s personally