Hooked Gamers: Far Cry 2 Preview

As is so often the case, publisher Ubisoft turned the Far Cry franchise into a cash cow. The list of lackluster spinoffs includes Far Cry: Instincts and Far Cry: Vengeance. While Instincts is a decent offering, Hooked Gamers would not recommend anyone to pick up Vengeance. Ubisoft and Crytek parted ways after the later was bought up by EA. This did not spell the end of Far Cry however. Ubisoft Montreal (of Assassins Creed fame) is currently finishing up Far Cry 2 for its release later this year.

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xg-ei8ht3736d ago

screenshots look good.

Although i'm guessing the console versions will look fantastic, a highend pc rig is gonna own this game.

This looks good either way, and i'm ready for it:0