Cnet: Ratchet & Clank Future Quest for Booty Review

Cnet Writes:

"Quest for Booty can be completed in less than four hours, but it uses its limited time to its advantage. There is not a single dull moment during the adventure. The extraneous minigames that have plagued previous entries, such as ball-rolling puzzles and spaceship fighting, have been completely removed. Instead, you'll alternate between thrilling shooter action, tricky platforming, and clever puzzle-solving, with only a minute to catch your breath before a new obstacle is placed in your path. As new diversions were thrown into each R&C sequel, the core play mechanics became less and less important. This downloadable incarnation, which feels more like a Ratchet episode than a full-blown sequel, has shifted the focus to what makes these games fun to play, and is better for it."

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Raspinudo3736d ago

since when do cnets reviews hold any levity whatsoever?

Cynjo3736d ago

It usually takes me allot longer then that to track down some booty.....I'm calling shenanigans :/

whoops I'm thinking about another type of game entirely.