Rumor: Disaster: Day of Crisis launching October 24th in Europe

So much for Nintendo showing all of its cards for the year, huh? Someone appears to have come across some information that points to an October 24th release date in Europe. Although Nintendo has not officially announced this date, a confirmation is supposedly supposed to come in the near future. Right now, no one knows whether or not the game will release in America and/or Japan this year albeit anything seems possible.

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ape0073760d ago

I hope that the game won't end up like its name


ChickeyCantor3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Looks kinda good imo =).

well its not much but still

And a nother
(oouuu collapsing building XD)

Note this game got delayed twice because of quality issues, the videos are pretty old end 2006 early 2007.

Nugan3759d ago

If it's Oct. 24 in Europe, the America release should be simultaneous or slightly earlier, judging by other releases.

But, if it is coming out in less than two months, why hasn't Nintendo hyped this more? Is it simply not the kind of game they think will benefit from an advertising campaign, or are they trying to bury it because the quality is still spotty?

I guess we'll know soon enough.

kunit22c3759d ago

nintendo said that later on this year they will release game that will please hard core and casual gamers and some people think this is it.

Voiceofreason3759d ago

They stated long ago that they no longer wanted to hype games 2-3 years before they release. That's one of the things hurting Sony now. We've heard about Home until we are sick of it and jsut want it released. Nintendo thinks they can avoid this situation by being as quiet as possible. Honestly though it seems to have just as many draw backs as letting people know whats coming too early.

TheColbertinator3759d ago

I hope this one turns out well

TruthbeTold3759d ago

...I doubt it would be released so soon since they've said hardly anything about it in the past 6 months. It hasn't even been completely confirmed that it will still be released period. People had to dig to find that recently paperwork had been filed in Australia regarding it.

Panipal20053759d ago

Supposedly supposed....that's beautiful English man

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