A Dear John letter to Valve wrote: Is it time, as a console player, to break up with Valve? How much longer, as a console player, can we stand the indignity of being second fiddle to the PC gamers?'s hilarious faux-letter to Valve, about their lackluster TF2 support, after the jump!

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SmokingMonkey3761d ago

on a console that wont die out from heat.
I don't like PC gaming, so i WILL wait for L4D on PS3 or I just wont play it at all! Valve want money? Valve make PS3 games!

highps33761d ago

they dont make enough games to matter. Begone...

Fluffy2Duffy3761d ago

Hmmm. no new or updated for TF2 on ps3, only Xbox and Pc and that sucks to ps3 players

SmokingMonkey3761d ago

kinda labels you as the TROLL you are doesn't it?
Honestly I don't miss TF at all, I have plenty.
WARHAWK trophies, and three betas to deal with before SOCOM and LBP

KBDuB3761d ago

You sound like a fanboy there, yourself, "buddy."