Phoenix Games reviews Reel Deal Texas Hold'Em for the iPhone

Casino games have become a big category on the App Store. With 49 games to date, it can be hard to find a worthy casino game to download. Phoenix Games likes to check the customer reviews to see what people are saying about a game. Does it have good graphics and gameplay? Is it worth the money? I find it helpful but don't rely solely on their reviews as we all have different taste. They also look at the game's publisher. If they have produced good games in the past, then it's a good bet that their new title is solid.

Publisher X, seller of Critter Crunch and ZEN Pinball, has released many entertaining games. Reel Deal Texas Hold'Em is on of them. This is a simple game that lets you experience the action of Texas Hold'Em. You begin by choosing between eight different avatars each with their own stats and backgrounds. Once you make a selection, you are seated at the table with AI opponents and are ready to bluff your way to victory.

With just a few finger gestures you can become a high stakes player. Tap the deal button to begin your hand, swipe your finger to raise, or double tap to call. It's that simple. If you have a losing hand and can't bluff, then drag your cards to the table to fold. Now you will have to watch the rest of them play with your head hung low.

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