Spiderman Web of Shadows Box Art Decided

The votes have been tallied, and to [Fahey's] great surprise and dismay, the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows box art has been chosen by the fans themselves, and they chose...poorly. The choices were either Spider-Man holding a dome-less snow globe or Spider-Man with concept art for arms.

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Gambit073524d ago

Wow, worst cover I've seen in a long time, yuck.

chester3524d ago

don't care, just want to game to be as good as it's looked so far in previews.....

SmokingMonkey3524d ago

is that wolverine?

Damn it Spidey, can't you ever get it right for once!

Still tho this game does have chance because it's not based on a movie

BigKev453524d ago

Forget about the cover, let's see how the game is. The last good one was Spider-Man 2.

lonestarmt3524d ago

oo arn't you forgeting ultimate spiderman??

Silogon3524d ago

I lookinng forward to this about as much as I was for Ghost Rider. To say the least, not very much.

OOG3524d ago

from what I have seen so far this game looks pretty good....f the cover I want a good game

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The story is too old to be commented.