Even With A Hardware Update, Is The PSP On Life Support?

Despite a recent hardware update for the Sony PSP, Wedbush Morgan game industry anaylst Michael Pachter and Liquid Entertainment president Ed Del Castillo thinks the platform is in a lot of trouble, stuck in the no-man's land between the Nintendo DS and Apple's iPhone. In particular Pachter thinks the PSP was too far ahead of the curve at launch and has suffered due to Sony being drawn to thin as a company to nurture the platform.

LucasArts' producer Dan Wasson and Sony Bend directors Chris Reese and John Garvin defend the PSP but Pachter and Del Castillo poke holes in the future of the platform. Pachter in particular says, "PSP-3000 is indicative of a much larger problem: Sony's consumer electronics division beginning to have some stroke over its gaming department. Constant tech tweaks and upgrades might work for telephones, but they're not what gamers want… it creates confusion, and leaves many users with older models feeling inadequate."

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sajj3163735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

My goodness Pachter, do you have a clue about hardware. Hardware will always go through redesigns to reduce cost and improve ergonomics. So the DS Lite entry signifies a problem with Nintendo R & D? I don't think so. The problem with PSP and to an extent with DS is piracy. With R4DS its easy to pirate DS games. With custom firmare its easy to play a wide array of games from emulation to UMD ISOs. This is the problem with PSP software and to an extent the DS. In fact, I think the DS software sales would be higher if not for ROM emulation.

BattleAxe3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

But on top of all of that, it still uses UMD which is all that matters. Next year Sony has the GPS package comming out, plus they just did up a new contract with all of the major movie studios to start bringing more movies out on UMD.

As far as games go, the only game I'm actually really excited about thats comming out within the next year is Resistance: Retribution. But you still have games like Tom Clancy's End War, Madden 09, Tiger Woods 09 Gran Turismo, Oblivion and Devil May Cry ect... comming out for it aswell.

Bottom line, the PSP is more than just a game system. Its not in trouble because it apeals to a wide variety of consumers.

JoySticksFTW3735d ago

... can ALL of us hardcore gamers agree that Patcher doesn't know what he's talking about already?

His predictions and analysis are damn near embarrassing now.

lodossrage3735d ago

When we seen all those changes with the Gameboy turning into Gameboy pocket and then Gameboy Pocket being upgraded to Gameboy color it was "indicative" of a larger problem for Nintendo right?

When the DS was remodeled into DS light, it was "indicative" of a larger problem for Nintendo right?

This man Patcher is quite the failure at his job. And THAT my friend is "indicative" of his weak analysis

Fox013735d ago

I can't believe he still does all these "analysis".

Sitdown3735d ago

clock because he is right twice a day...........or were you meaning like a broken record?

morganfell3735d ago

It's a military clock so he is only right once a day. Seriously though, his opinions are about as welcome as a chastity belt in a whorehouse. Why is anyone still listening to this clown.

Considering the recent sales trends for the PSP I can't believe anyone with 5 ounces of common sense would approve this story. Well, there are always those people scrambling to find bad Sony news...

Sitdown3735d ago

I like the twist with the military time............bubbles for that.

gaffyh3735d ago

@Fox01 - He gets paid to analyse, because he's an "analyst". Easiest job ever, lol.

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kittoo3735d ago

They prove that PSP is not in trouble.
I am one of them. I absolutely love my PSP and its the best gadget I have.

s8273735d ago

But where are the games? Actual games that aren't ports?

theusedfake3735d ago

you can add me to that list.
I love my psp, so many great games.
I bring it with me pretty much everywhere
i know, i'm a nerd lol

Too_Hyped3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

@s827 : are you joking or are you serious ? There are tons of great games on PSP (the FFs, GoW, PES, Patapon, Loco Roco...)

PSP sold millions in Japan this year, the system is not at all in "life support"...

SmokingMonkey3735d ago

PS1 games from PSN go to your PSP from your PS2

very cool and only on the PSP, couple that with remote play and file sharing, i think the PSP and the PS3 both have bright future's

iamtehpwn3735d ago

And then Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and God of war: Chains of Olympus, and I rethought that.

PSP is an amazing system. Dissidia. Agito. The 3rd birthday. Birth By sleep. Resistance.

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DJ3735d ago

What the hell is Pachter thinking when he writes this stuff?

silvacrest3735d ago

i think the problem is hes not thinking at all

or he just likes to make fanboy flame bait...

LeonSKennedy4Life3735d ago

I think most people that haven't bought it are waiting for a second analog stick, a harddrive, a unified online service (PSN), and other things...not Skype or internet radio...

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