It's the European Resistance 2 cover art!

Three Speech: "What a great way to start the day - we've got the new and confirmed PAL packshot for Resistance 2, and it's looking good! Sadly it won't have the lovely Three Speech watermark on it in reality, but we're sure you'll get over that. At the moment Three Speech particularly likes the reflected neon Diner sign - very spooky…"

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Fishy Fingers3614d ago

Didn't notice that before, but now threespeech mention it, the use of the word "Diner" to "Di_e_" in the reflection is very clever. A nice touch.

UNCyrus3614d ago

wow... didn't even notice that... I'm glad they picked this cover, this was my favorite of the three choices... does anyone know if the covers are global, or region specific?

Fishy Fingers3614d ago

Well the article insinuates it's confirmed for PAL only so perhaps like a lot of other games the case design will be region specific.

meepmoopmeep3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

damn, i like the EU cover better! i might import this then.

i love this region-free deal with PS3 games

Marceles3614d ago

Yeah that is cool...expect it kinda doesn't make sense since it's supposed to be a mirror image, but the DINER sign at the bottom is still right side-up. Still clever though

Fishy Fingers3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Marceles, flip D I E upside down, still says D I E ;)

Here look >

themyk3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

i'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too hard to get a hold of one of the EU sleeves. i doubt you have to import the whole game just download the sleeve and print that bad boy up. cause just like the metal gear cover, EU wins again. ubastards. lol


to everybody above saying the sign on the bottom is still right side up. how can you tell? what does an upside down D look like. or an upside down I? or and E. think about what your saying.

cwir3614d ago

I noticed that :)

Love the cover. Very nice.

And now my Private Beta Trial is finishing installing :D

I'm a Beta Trial Member now baby :D

Milky3614d ago

best cover art I have seen for a long while.

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MainEv3nt 693614d ago

how come there's doesn't say only on playstation

Johnny Cullen3614d ago

Videogaming 24/7 say they are in touch with SCEE about that but for now, it seems, it's on covers for SCEA.

FantasyStar3614d ago

I think that "Only on Playstation" is too expositional. We already know its on Playstation 3, what else do we need to know?

Surfman3614d ago

i like it, it should be the same in US

KobeT243614d ago

I like it.

Might import it, if the U.S version sucks badly.

Mr_Kuwabara3614d ago

Just for the cover? Lol I applaud your dedication to minor details.

WhittO3614d ago

why covers are region specific ? (except language on covers obv lol)

Fishy Fingers3614d ago

Not sure, I imagine it's simply a case of each region deciding on a cover/design that they think will appeal to their customer base best.

themyk3614d ago

i like the region specific covers. makes it kind of fun i think.

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