Top 10 - What were they thinking?

Some games start off as a good idea and are let down somewhere between the initial idea and the final product. Gaming Corner count down the top 10 ideas that should never have left the drawing board.

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fafoon3709d ago

Gears 2 will be a prime Example of this

GiantEnemyCrab3709d ago

Wow, Gears 2 huh?

I was thinking Heavy Rain.

caffman3709d ago

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2

waltercross3709d ago

All 3 of you are wrong, KZ2, R2, Gears 2
and Heavy Rain will all be awesome, Now you three
should kiss and make up.

Mr_Kuwabara3709d ago

When I saw this news, I thought of the new Banjo game. I hope that Rare doesn't hurt the series with there new approach for the duo.

IQUITN4G3709d ago

The board game from Gunstar Heroes is very well done, genius actually

goaferboy3709d ago

I thought it was well done, just didn't think it suited a run and gun game.