The Making Of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Creative director Nigel Cook fills us in on how the transition took place. "Acclaim Entertainment had recently purchased Iguana Entertainment," he says. "After relocating from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas, we heard that Acclaim had bought a small Manhattan-based comic book company called Valiant Comics, so a box of comics arrived at our office for review. Immediately the Turok comic stood out as the main contender to develop on the Nintendo 64." And it seems warm relations between Nintendo and Iguana/Acclaim also aided the process. "We chose the N64 due to our already great relationship with Nintendo, and after we completed the NBA Jam port, Nintendo was interested in having us develop an exclusive title for them."

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2v1952d ago

One of the games that definitely defined that era, one of my favorites as well as pilotwing. So many great new experinces for the first time where on N64


Totally agree. Turok is one of those games that defined the n64 experience for me. spent A LOT of time trying to figure the game out before eventually making the inevitable trip to the library to look up a strategy guide.

oh 90's childhood.

ITPython952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, Vigilante 8 and Turok are definitely the games that stick out the most in my memory for my childhood gaming on the N64.

Its a shame Nintendo went full-blown kiddy after the N64 with GameCube. Would have been nice if they kept competing against Sony for the adult gaming market, cause the N64 really had quite a few gems. Heard Conkers bad fur day was pretty adult themed too, but I never got around to playing it.

ONESHOTV2952d ago

this was very good on the 64 the game cube one was nice as well even better when you were playing with 4 people

TheOneWhoIsTornApart952d ago

This game along with Turok 2 had the most amazing and creative weapons ever. I would love a current gen Turok game to be made with a high budget.