PLAYSTATION Network Cards Update

Use your PlayStation®Network card to purchase and download exclusive games, videos and more for your PLAYSTATION®3 and PlayStation® Portable systems!

Visit your local Pamida, Meijer, and Speedway stores to pick up the PSN® card.

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Relcom3761d ago

This is way overdue, what Sony doesn't want us to give them money for their awesome PSN games?

lento3761d ago

yup this is awesome news.. now everyone can enjoy the store to its fullest

gaffyh3761d ago

Now they need to release them in EU.

CViper3761d ago

Its not simple to apply the same laws/regulations from the US to Portugal. You can't just give out these things they have to be licensed by the government. Here we have the FCC, not sure about Europe. I'm sure each region in the EU is different as well.

But Sony should let everyone know what the deal is, instead of radio silence.

UltimateIdiot9113761d ago

I hope there will be ways to use coupons or some special savings at stores like Circuit City to buy it cheap. I remember there were coupons/deals on microsoft accessories and apparently MS Point Cards work.

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Overr8ed3761d ago

is still alive? hm... oh well Riteaid is good for me. I want a 7-11 were i live. =(

Stallone19933761d ago

I have a BlockBuster near me, but I just use a CC.

BigKev453761d ago

7-11 is good for dutch masters, nachos, and Slurpees!

Stallone19933761d ago

Sony should seriously consider a program where you receive a bill. You make an order (even multiple games for example), you get a bill in the mail with the code to enter and receive what you purchased, the funny thing is that you have to put real address and if you don't pay, well you get screwed as you would by not paying for a different bill, or they remove the games from your account.

PimpHandStrong3761d ago

spent about $80 bucks on these cards at Speedway over the last month or more

so easy

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The story is too old to be commented.