FiringSquad: Soul Calibur IV Review

Are the additions of Darth Vader and Yoda enough to carry the Soul Calibur series? Yes and no. Brett finds the fighting enjoyable, but Namco Bandai's isn't perfect. Read the pros and cons in today's review!

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nos4speed3738d ago

have to be kidding me! who keeps aproving all these soul cal reviews its a joke plain and simple!!! Its the most reviewed game ive ever seen GTA4 did have this many reviews!!!! give up nobody is going to read it!!!!!

Sorry had to be said!

SUP3R3737d ago

Clearly u weren't around for MGS4's release.
However I suggest you ignore it if you don't fancy them.
Your say is the equivalent of none when put up against the majority.
These reviews build the N4G review database and metascore.
Doesn't matter who reads them or not, the point is the information is easily and readily available.

user94220773733d ago

decent score, awesome game