WoW dev backs Mythic over WAR Online credit furore

A developer on upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, has backed up WAR Online developer Mythic's stance on the crediting of personnel, saying that staff "lose the right to complain if they leave".

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vlazed3760d ago

Thats pretty messed up. If they worked on the game why not give them credit? If someone leaves for a better career opportunity or personal reasons, why should they but cut from the credits? Gaming is becoming a very dirty business and I for one am growing tired of it.

Lumbo3760d ago

actually its pretty easy: if you use stuff from someone, credit him. Everything else is just favorism and unfair business.

Petraeus3759d ago

If you don't get credit. I don't understand why that is so hard to understand?

It's the same for any other business. If, while working on a project at work, I leave the company (or they FIRE me) and the company wins the contract that project was focused on...I'm certainly not going to get a phone call, a residual check, or even an attaboy.

It's part of the left the company for a better paying job which made it all about you instead of your employer. The employer is obligated to give you reference for that work if another company calls asking about it...that's it.

You stabbed them in the back and left or you sucked and they canned you. Either way you cost them time AND money because they had to replace you which meant it probably put them behind schedule because they had to rework some of your stuff and train your replacement.

I wouldn't put you in the credits either.