Microsoft's new "Blue Track" mouse spotted?

We're not really sure if Microsoft is peddling a revolution here or just the mousing tech flavor of the month, but we've got ourselves a much better idea of where things might be going. After that little "Say Goodbye to Laser" teaser turned our pointing device world upside down, a reader spotted this MS Explorer Mini Mouse with "Blue Track" technology over on

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Pebz3733d ago

Bluetooth, Blu-ray (named after the blue laser that reads the disc, so technically blue-ray I guess), Blue Track... I see a trend.

Fishy Fingers3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I see where your going with that...

Apart from Bluetooth as it is named after a Danish Viking and King, Harald Blatand (translated as Bluetooth in English), who lived in the latter part of the 10th century. Harald Blatand united and controlled Denmark and Norway (hence the inspiration on the name: uniting devices through Bluetooth).

Bit of random information for you there ;)

Kyur4ThePain3733d ago

Hey, that was interesting. Thanks!

XXXCouture3733d ago

I'm actually a descendant of Harald Blåtand :p

Fishy Fingers3733d ago

I hope this isn't it, I hope there's a lot more to "Say Goodbye to Laser" than this.

The only plus point they mention is that it works on more surfaces, now I'm not sure what your desk is made off or what you use for a mouse mat but my Logitech G7 works on anything, even my hair so.....

Either way, if this is it I think we can stick to the laser for a while yet.

Pebz3733d ago

Initially aimed at the portable spectrum, hence the need for better surface reading. Or so the article suggests anyway.

almanay3733d ago

happy with my logitech G9 .. not gonna change it anytime soon

SpecialSauce3733d ago

u know how MS is with hardware.

foodbox3733d ago

I'll be buying two - we do laptop computing on a glass table, and this is terrific news.

Cynjo3733d ago

I imagine there next xbox having a blue hue added for some odd reason? If it was to stay matte white then it would look rather like a large wii. lol *is now in fear of being ravaged by a millions of Console fanboys for that comment*

I think there next choice color to represent xbox will be blue or orange as those two colors have been used in Microsoft marketing and products for years. If you take a gander at some footage of the fall update (New GUI) you will see a feast for the eyes with colors abound not just green and silver. It seems there not picky about color these days.