Console Monster: Too Human Review

Console Monster writes: "Too Human has had a lengthy process in development, 10 years in fact. Swapping consoles more than you change your underwear it's been 10 years of hectic work for the Canadian developers - Silicon Knights. Denis Dyack, the outspoken "brains" behind the game, has been hyping this game up to be the next Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, with two more Too Human instalments on the way (perhaps called Too Human Too and Too Human: Too Much Human?). So, does Too Human actually live up to all the hype it has caused over the years?

The answer, in short, is not at all. But for the sake of my review needing to be more than an introduction and 8 words I need to tell you why it does not live up to the hype, and why I felt the need to smash my controller in frustration and anger at several points. Too Human looks OK on the surface; a standard dungeon crawling, Diablo-esque hack 'n' slash. At its core it is just that. That's were Too Human's first flaw comes into play. It's just not original - we've seen it all before. The loot system, the dungeons that never seem to end, skill trees - none of it is new. And if you look deeper into the game, the more significant flaws really start to rear their ugly heads..."

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