GameStop Won't Have PSN Cards Until 2009

There's been no fanfare or official announcement from Sony, but there are PlayStation Network pre-paid cards out there. For sale, to the public. And have been for months. So long as you've got a Meijer near your place, that is. If you don't, and are waiting for something a little more widespread - like GameStop, for example - you may be waiting for a while. If this email (courtesy of a GameStop employee) is legit, it looks like the nation's largest specialist gaming retailer isn't yet equipped to activate the cards. They were supposed to be, but they're not. They will be in 2009. Just in case, you know. It was keeping you up at night.

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Nitrowolf23760d ago

if its true that just BS then. I mean you can use visa gift cards,i think they work but still. Lucky for me my local gas station stocks them. The just retardted that there at random places and not at retailer like walmart, gamestop and others

Hagaf223760d ago

i live in phoenix and i can get them at the Luke Air Force Base exchange, doesnt matter any to me seeing as how i am a grown adult who just puts in my card info in and buy stuff when ever i want, but hey people should just keep their eyes open I'm sure theyll start popping up at places like target and wal mart.

isn't it odd that sooo many people quickly reported this the first time it was submitted (see alt link) yet now that kotaku says it, its not fake any more, its real news.

jkoz3760d ago

My thoughts exactly, sir. Bubbles for seeing the light.

Rama262853760d ago

I wonder why it'll take so long to get these to the main stores? It surely can't be that hard to make some plastic cards with codes and then distribute them? I mean, they're sending them to all the places you wouldn't expect to sell them, so why not just redistribute them to reach the target audience?

I also think they're making a mistake not getting these out before Christmas, they'd make a pretty handy present to quite a few people....

Rice3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Now thats some bullsh*t!!!!! I cant wait till 2009...I was really hopping i can use these as christmas presents...DAM YOU SONY!

GamerMan3760d ago

As mentioned in the first post. They work even better than PSN cards because if they don't want to use it for the PSN they can use it on something else they might need :)

Overr8ed3760d ago

and of course Kotaku is the first to put up "bad news" in some peoples cases (theirs) the opposite view