Alienation Review - IGN

Blistering action and gorgeous effects make Alienation the best nation.

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TwoForce955d ago

Resogun and Dead Nation are two my favorite games. So I can't wait for AlienNation.

InMyOpinion955d ago

Alienation is like a mix of Dead Nation, Helldivers and Destiny, but better than all of them. In my opinion it's one fo the best games so far this year. It's almost perfect. Was worried about longevity but there's tons to unlock and do. And the mp and graphics are so solid it almost makes me cry happy tears. Just get it!

Patricko955d ago

Housemarque knows how to make simple games that are pure awesomeness :)
Loved each game they released.

InMyOpinion955d ago

Indeed. This gets much more complex the more you play it. And the AI and difficulty balancing is second to none.

slappy508955d ago (Edited 954d ago )

This is a great game one of the best Co-op games I've played in a long time. Money well spent I've probably put over 20 hours in it so far

Aloy-Boyfriend955d ago

Housemaker are on fire. Sony should adquire them

Hedstrom955d ago

Great game, im having a blast with it in coop :)