PSW: Preview of Killzone 2

Back in June, a rep from Sony popped into the PSW office with a version of Killzone 2 he'd prized out of the clamp-like grip of Guerrilla, the developer working on PS3's premier shooter. We sat and played all day and though the demo was short, it was packed with incident.

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paul_war3760d ago

"And then there's the four-player co-op campaign to look forward to. Now that really could be something special."

An interesting little quote.

King_many_layers3760d ago

nice find there, I know I speak for many in saying that it would be amazing if they can squeeze it in before it's put on disc.

another little quote, but mine's just to shove it right up Games radar's ass : Familiar controls
Controls feel very similar to Call Of Duty 4 - you can zip to a down-the-scope view for improved accuracy, fire from the hip and throw grenades at the touch of a button. Running is assigned to L3 COD-style

game's controls, missions and pacing all feel very familiar, but it's all done with such panache that you can't help get sucked into Guerrilla's compelling vision of future war.

so much for the controls being horrible.. atleast I know now not to bother with Gamesradar at all.

Voozi3759d ago

Whoa 4 player co op, that BETTER be online =D

Fu­ck holiday 08 going into 09 is going to be great... Gears 2 & Resistance 2, cant wait to play those two games especially the co op, and lets throw Fable 2 in there, then 09 we got 4 player co op with Killzone 2 which I'm hoping is online, and then fu­cking Resident Evil 5 with online co op!

Great time to be a gamer =D

marinelife93759d ago

Great read. That article got me all excited and made my heart go pitter patter pitter pat.

Idonthatejustcreate3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

amagad! release the demo on psn already!!!! xD

the teasing is too much!

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yoghurt3760d ago

From reading that though, you can almost garuntee thatthey will use 'too much grey' and 'too many scripted pieces' as negatives.

wibble3760d ago

and we all so desperately want mouse support. Aint that right, everybody?

* runs and hides *

TheExecutive3759d ago

I used to think the same way. It just takes a while to get used to the pad

If the controls are completely customizable then i am good with the ol' dualshock.

krackchap3759d ago

4 player co-op campaign?? hell yes.

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The story is too old to be commented.