The reason behind the PSN maintenance

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We may have got a bit ahead of ourselves yesterday, with the PSN having maintenance.

Speculation immediately spread leading to the Home Beta. It never arrived though, and yes we was disappointed, even though it was the slightest chance.

So this is where the maintenance was really going on....

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Hellsvacancy3759d ago

i decided a while ago not 2 buy in2 these rumours, i know Home will b out at sumpoint this year i just hope its worth the sure it will be

Mr_Showtime13759d ago

I said that it wouldn't have anything to do with Home.

3759d ago
BigKev453759d ago

Yeah, English man. Do you know it homeboy?

Idonthatejustcreate3759d ago

just chill! =)

But my question is WTF happened to life with Playstation???

Shadow Flare3759d ago

Well i can tell you another beta is up and running, and im part of it. I only got the email from sony today so thats what i think the maintenance was for

xhairs93758d ago

To OP but I fail to come to senses with the actual article itself. Just because Konami reported it first off in MGO doesn't mean it was essentially an MGO maintenance, Konami reports all PSN Maintenance, just like the one a few weeks (months?) ago it had nothing to do with MGO but they still reported it.

I think it's great that Konami is keeping us all up to date on PSN activity (even though it's not detailed, it's still awesome to know these things are coming).

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Liar3759d ago ShowReplies(15)
Hellsvacancy3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

its a bit hypocritical of u 2 type "troll" coz its exactly wot your doin.....


Bill Gates3758d ago

fu<king "ccllaassssiicc".... Ah HAHHAHHAHHAHHAHA

Raoh3759d ago

amazing how sites get things wrong...

the PSN maintenance was due to sony doing whatever they were doing..

Konami took the opportunity to make their maintenance and updates at the same time.. makes sense..

as for the psn maintenance doing nothing.. lets not forget that the last time sony did this a week or two later the video store went live.. not only that but it went live without the need of a restart or download

there is no way of telling what went on behind the curtain, but with so many upcoming features (xmb updates, Life With Playstation, HOME, Server Stability Updates etc) its easy to guess

but its silly how some of these sites act like they know first hand

therealwillie3759d ago

agreed, complete utter idiocy

Stubacca3759d ago

Yeah, it's like why does everyone need to speculate?

This site should be called DR4G -DodgyRumours4Gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.