Rumor: Mother 3 Is Still Coming, Probably E3 News

According to Emily Rogers, a Nintendo journalist and reputable leaker, Mother 3 is still planned for release in North America. Rogers believes that there will be more news on the title at this year’s E3.

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TorpeAlex719d ago

Doesn't this directly contradict Nintendo's statement that Zelda will be the only game they are bringing to E3?

tacoterror719d ago

I think they said that it would be the only playable game at E3, not the only one they would discuss.

TheColbertinator719d ago

Might be just an announcement

3-4-5719d ago

* Nintendo said Legend of Zelda for Wii U is the only PLAYABLE game that will be at E3.

* Nintendo's E3 booth is a big as Sony's......They will still be showing a lot of new stuff at just won't be playable.

RosweeSon719d ago

Yeah playable they are gonna show off other games as wel tho. They do have the 3DS as we'll can't imagine those 50-60 million fans will be happy with Zelda Wii U NX only playable.. They'll have to have a fair few trailers at the very least for the other games. However as it's Nintendo and they do what they want when they want who knows. What I do know is they'll just do their own directs a month or 2 after E3 and with their new console approaching I'm sure they'll do some launch events.

blawren4719d ago

Very few of us here will be at e3. Do playable games matter?

wonderfulmonkeyman719d ago

No, because Nintendo's precise statement is that Zelda will be the only >PLAYABLE< game at E3.

They never said, at any point, that Zelda would be the only game they show period.

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blawren4719d ago

Only thing to make this better would be for a graphics upgrade. Wayforward?

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