Street Fighter IV Producer Explains Parrying Omission

Yoshinori Ono explains why Street Fighter III's popular 'parrying' game mechanic was removed for Street Fighter IV.

"I didn't want to create an entertainment videogame as such," he says. "I wanted Street Fighter IV to be a tool for the people to use and enjoy themselves.

I often use the analogy of a chess game. Chess can be played by the American or Russian champion, if you like. We can see them playing chess on live TV and so on. The parrying system is that level. It's quite hard for the vast majority to master but chess can be played by grandpa and grand kids on a Sunday afternoon. I want Street Fighter IV to be a tool for everyone to enjoy. Therefore I deliberately didn't include the parrying system."

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thor3758d ago

"It's quite hard for the vast majority to master"

That's what we WANT!! We want it to be a challenge to master so that there ARE "chess grandmasters" of the game. Chess can be played and enjoyed by anybody, so anybody can get into a street fighter game, even WITH a parry system.

"I didn't want to create an entertainment videogame as such"

What a load of bull$hit. WTF is it then, a f&*#ing apple pie?

thereapersson3758d ago

And just goes to show how games are being dumbed down for new players. This never used to happen in the past, so why is this current generation of games trying to hard to satisfy everyone's tastes? Personally, I thought that Parrying was one of the best features of SF:III, and it's sad to see that they are messing with a good game mechanic to cater to the n00bs who don't want to learn the intricate mechanics of the fighting system.

Raoh3758d ago

at least he's being honest.. other companies are telling you they are delivering the most challenging experience ever only to find its plays like it was made for the wii with high end pc graphics

ud3758d ago

This game is gonna suck. Almost all the same characters, same moves and no parrying? what the hell are they thinking?

This franchise needs to evolve

yog-sothot3758d ago

They don't want a game made for harcore gamers tournaments like SF3, they want something fun for every gamer (and something that sells millions) like SF2. I'm totally fine with it but I can understand why some people are upset...