Fable developer Lionhead closes down today

Fable developer Lionhead closes its doors for the last time today.

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Deadlead593d ago

So what happens to the Fable ip now? Who owns it? They should never have diverged from the path Fable 1 put them on, damn Kinect.

PistolsAtDawn593d ago

MS owns it, and all rumors/hints point to MS having just moved key players from Lionhead and starting development on Fable 4. Again, from rumors, it sounds like MS was really just disappointed with the heads of Lionhead not having clear think of this more as a restructure than a closure.

DigitalRaptor593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

No dude, they closed the studio. It's a closure. No need to damage control, just accept.

mark_parch593d ago

very sad news but ultimatly choosing to do fabe legends instead of fable 4 was their downfall