No FFXIII 360 In Japan : It's Official writes "It's been confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII will not be released for Xbox 360 in Japan.

That's according to an article in Dengeki PlayStation magazine, as translated by Kotaku.

Game director Motomu Toriyama is quoted as saying, "There will absolutely not be an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII for Japan," which is hard to misinterpret."


Sorry. The quote and title are from I had to change the URL and forgot to change the text.

Also, it got approved pretty fast so I didn't have a chance to change it, anyway. Sorry about the oversight! :)

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Vistrix3763d ago

Wasnt this 100% confirmed the day of the 360 announcement?

TheDeadMetalhead3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

But did you actually think that that was going to be the end of it?


So true. But I still don't think that this will die.

I think that It's a smart move to keep FFXIII exclusive in Japan. with the money that it would cost to make it for 360 over there compared to how many people actually OWN a 360 over there. It's a smart move imo.

@ hay

Probably not. But at least now Square-Enix has told us the truth. Which will help most people sleep at night.

thereapersson3763d ago

Sometimes you need word right from the source of the issue (aka the developers).

hay3763d ago

Those are straight word, but... Do you think it'll stop rumors?

Syronicus3763d ago

I can see a tear in the eye of those who work at Kotaku... You know they were hoping. Well, that's two big rumors put to bed this week.

sumfood4u3763d ago

That's the Gist of it! 360 wasnt really selling that well in japan anyways more sells from PS2 japan!

DJ3763d ago

Yet we still (STILL) have people asking him "Yo, when's it coming out for 360?"

Adamalicious3763d ago

Yeah - I guess somebody should have told Kotaku weeks ago when Square confirmed this at E3. They're really out of the loop aren't they? :P

SullyDrake3763d ago

What are they trying to prove?

If they're looking for a flame war, FFXIII will be better in every way on PS3 and will sell better on PS3 too, so it's not even worth starting.

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TheDeadMetalhead3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

"Apparently 360 fans were quite disgruntled."

Yep. All 3 of them.

EDIT : Wait, 2. One just RRODed.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

No MGS4 + MGS:Online 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No LBP 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No KillZone 2 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No Resistance 1 + 2 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No GT5 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No MotorStorm 1 + 2 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No Ratchet&Clank 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No Uncharted 1 + 2 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No WarHawk 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No MAG 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No God Of War 3 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No WipeOut:HD 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No SOCOM: Confrontation 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No Heavy Rain 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No FF Versus 13 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
No Fat Princess[Gabe Newell] 360 In Japan or Anywhere: It's Official
+LOADS of other Games + PSN Games!!! ;-P
etc etc...
+NO HOME for the 360 EVER
+NO FREE internet Play for the 360 EVER
+NO Built-in Blu-ray Player for the 360 EVER...

Must SUCK being a xBox 360 owner!!! ;-D

Overr8ed3763d ago

Kotaku is always late with "bad news"

Dyingduck3763d ago

However, to my beloved Xbot M$ lemming…I mean Xbox360 friend:

So, what is like playing a 10-year Too Flop? 10-years must make it one hella good Flop!

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Speaking of which, how many games did you lose due to disc scratching problems? Have you tried renting Xbox360 games? It’s like playing Russian roulette with 3 chambers and one bullet! Yeah, I am totally sorry that one time my dog ran over your Xbox360 while you were playing Too Flop. My dog did the same crap on mine, but I just continued playing.

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Well until next time,
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macalatus3763d ago

You guys are freakin' hilarious!! LOL!!

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user94220773763d ago

Unlucky japan unlucky.

Now you know how we felt when FF got announced for the 360 at E3!

360 man3763d ago

i really dont care if it comes out for japan or not. thats not gonna ruin my gaming experience

TheDeadMetalhead3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

But when your 360 explodes in your face then it will.

@360 man below

How am I the idiot? You bought the 360, didn't you?

achira3763d ago

2.2 that was funny, lol. yeah he must be the idiot if he owns a 360.

Lost_My_600_Dollar3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

@metal head

You bought the PS3, so you are the idiot here

oh sorry you don't have one =(

TheDeadMetalhead3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I think I know how you REALLY Lost your 600 dollars. Either:

A) You had 3 Pleasefixmes that RRODed on you

B) You bought a Pleasefixme and about 6 or 7 crappy games (Including Too-Big-Of-A-Flop-For-the-PS3- Human)

And btw, I'm getting a PS3 by Christmas anyway. So FAIL.

@Lost_My_600_Dollar Below


$400 X 3 = $1200

Ever heard of a PRICE CUT!?

$200 X 3 = $600

$400 + $60 X 7 = $820

Price cut AND one game is $40

$200 + $60 X 6 = $560 + $40 = $600

Do I need to show you on a Sketch pad or are you okay?

Lost_My_600_Dollar3763d ago

lol retarded , let me explain for you

A) You had 3 Pleasefixmes that RRODed on you

wrong answer

B) You bought a Pleasefixme and about 6 or 7 crappy games (Including Too-Big-Of-A-Flop-For-the-PS3- Human

wrong answer
400 + 7*60= 820

C) Launch PS3

600 dollar

juuken3763d ago

MetalHead is on fiiiiiiiiire! ^__^

Lol @ Lost_My_600_Dollar

You *still* get everything all in one for that kind of money instead of buying extra accessories. The 360 costs more than the PS3 because you have to buy a ton of add-ons if you want the full experience on the 360.

Stop fooling yourself.

Metalhead owned your ass.

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Time_Is_On_My_Side3763d ago

"Worse yet, I'm beginning to think that asking Square Enix if the game is coming out on the Xbox 360 in Japan will be the Is-MGS4-Coming-Out-On-Xbox-360 of this and next year. Ungh."

For some reason North American journalists seem to question a lot of Japanese developers "why not the XBOX 360?" To me it makes me laugh because in a way they seem like fanatics.

mfwahwah3763d ago

It's just an easy question to ask. Which goes for MGS4 on 360 as well. Of course the answer is obvious (and has been for each for a while, relatively), but they ask anyway.

AAACE53762d ago

The reason they keep asking is because at first FFXIII was Ps3 exclusive! But now it's coming to 360 as well. So that makes people wonder... "Will it hit 360 in japan as well?"

Now that it's officially official... we should be done with this debate!

But this is N4G, so nothing is ever officially over.

Hellraizer3763d ago

FFXIII was PS3 exclusive, 100%, no doubt and official etc. etc.

So it still wouldnt surprise me if it gets released in japan too, but I wouldnt put my trust in words from Square Enix anymore.

Fishy Fingers3763d ago

Little point really. The 360 install base is minimum in Japan, localization would probably cost more than the potential profit that could be raised.

PirateThom3763d ago

Especially if it launches later after everyone will already have bought it for PS3 and it sells about 3 or 4 copies.

mfwahwah3763d ago

13 was never 100% exclusive. SE complained about PS3 back in Winter '07, and pretty much hinted at multi-plat. The trialers never had the word "exclusive" in them. It was "for PS3" since the beginning, but eventually, it was also "for 360."

With that in mind, I believe SE. Also, do you really believe that they would lie about this, then say "actually yes, FFXIII on 360 in Japan." It doesn't really seem logical.

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