Helix - WiiWare World review

A portion of a WiiWare World review... If you haven't yet had enough of looking foolish by moving to the groove or rocking out on toy guitars, fret not! Now there is a new way to get people to have a laugh at your expense: Helix - a curious hybrid of rhythm action and workout exercise. Like games such as DDR and Guitar Hero, which provide one with a good up-beat time, Helix is also aiming to give you a good upper body workout, too. Does it actually work? This we'll have to answer with a resounding yes.

After an hour or so of play (or depending on your level of dedication or masochistic tendencies) you will definitely feel the burn. Hence, we recommend doing at least a few good stretches before playing, unless you enjoy the feel of sore arms the day after. This game is certainly not meant for the couch potato purists.

The actual mechanics of the game are fairly simple. An on-screen robot mannequin will perform moves to the beat you will have to mirror when indicated on the top's screen rhythm bar. That said, your moves will not be simultaneous with the mannequin but they'll follow subsequently. The in-game tutorial ensures that you know what needs to be done. After playing a few songs the game will encourage you to calibrate your movements by performing all move-sets, so that it can judge your moves more accurately while playing. You'll be prompted to do punches, side-jabs, uppercuts, bushwhackers, disco-style poses, and so on. Be prepared to practice some before you get them right, since it definitely takes a bit of getting used to before you can get a feel for what the game expects you to do....

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BrotherNick3736d ago

Heh, this sounds interesting. I could probably entertain myself as well as a few friends at a party with this.