Castle Crashers Launches on XboxLIVE! Arcade

Magic, mayhem, floating face-biting bat buddies, fish-swords...what's not to love? Castle Crashers, one of the most eagerly anticipated games for XboxLIVE! Arcade, releases today from independent game developer The Behemoth. The studio's award winning second title stays true to the nostalgic 2D Side--S scrolling style with the humour and quality of gameplay we have come to expect from The Behemoth. Featuring all hand-drawn art from talented Dan Paladin, Castle Crashers delivers unique hi-res illustrated visuals like nothing you've seen before.

Castle Crashers features a unique mix of Beat-'Em-Up action along with mild Role-Playing Game elements letting you hack, slash and smash your way to victory. Along the way...

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fufotrufo3735d ago

looks good..gonna give it a try

fufotrufo3735d ago

btw ..the new castle crasher free theme pack looks awesome!

fufotrufo3735d ago

back from the trial..holy crap ..awesome! too bad i don't have 1,200 points :(

JasonXE3735d ago

bought. Trail was badass. Gonna play the rest now.

ActionBastard3735d ago

This game looks killer. Is it co-op over live?