CoD4 beats Halo 3 to top of Live chart

VG247: For the second week running, Halo 3's been beaten into second place in the Live play charts for the week starting August 18. Bungie will be crying into its Weetabix.

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I toughNAME I3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Both will be stomped by GOW2

pharmd3736d ago

this was news back in january....

RemmM3736d ago

I say COD4 will still win.

AAACE53736d ago

I agree Gears 2 will stomp both in it's initial release period, i'll even be playing it! But CoD 4 is the best shooter game created (in my opinion), and will still have to battle with the two. Especially when IW is still considering adding additional story and multiplayer to the game. And you know MS isn't going to let Halo just die off like that!

thomas05063737d ago

dunno why there is a lot of disagrees for your true comment. It may not have a permanent spot on top but it will for a few weeks after release.


6 months from now it will be Halo3/CoD5/Gears2 battling for top spot.

Nice to have an excellent choice of games to choose from though!

Firstkn1ghT3737d ago

Again...Halo 3 has more players than COD4. These charts don't work. They just track ip addresses and not guests. Halo 3 beats COD4 3:1 ratio on players on any given day.

N2NOther3737d ago

I'm glad they don't count guests...If COD4 had guests it would trounce Halo 3.

TheColbertinator3737d ago


Agreed.I know many people love playing Cod4 splitscreen and if they were my guests,the number would expand considerably.

FrostyMelon3736d ago

N2NOther is correct...if it is winning in unique IP's, couple that with the fact if you added guest it would totally out pace Haro.

funkysolo3737d ago

Gears2 will take the crown for a while though

AAACE53736d ago

If you're talking sales... I don't think Gears 2 will beat Halo 3, unless it wows alot of potential buyers. Come to think of it... If they do lower the price to $199... It is possible that it could!

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The story is too old to be commented.