Saints Row 2 collector's edition unveiled

Gangbangers to get extra bling!

THQ have told us the details of the collector's editions of Saints Row 2 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC...

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JUUKENS HOT3759d ago

better games out in october,lbp bioshock etc

ill wait till this is in the bargain bin

silvacrest3759d ago

SR2 will be a sleeper hit and overlooked by the masses at first but when the good reviews start to come in (and im confident they will) the sales will pick up

SR2 will have the over-the-top fun factor which GTA4 didnt really have compared to vice city and san Andreas

Hydrolex3759d ago

Now I know that GTA IV collectors edition is a piece of sh!t compared to Saints Row 2.

I think Rockstar milked me !

I hope SR2 rapes GTA IV cuz Rockstar sold GTA IV by its name

AAACE53759d ago

After the Halo 3 legendary thing...If this comes to america I would not buy it! I got jerked around like that all ready.

Strife Lives3759d ago

They. .do realise sales wont touch Saints Row 1 numbers. .right? Well. .maybe it will,it is on PS3 too now.well,I speak for me when I say I bought SR1 just because it looked great (at the time) and was the 1st next gen game of the genre.with that said,havnt we been burned by GTA4 enough? Must we now by this and scream on the internet we've been suckered? This game LOOKS dated.gameplay wise. .its k.not worth Special ed though.

jay23759d ago

Insain stuff, I'm at least going to rent this.

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