Nintendo holiday titles target kids, casual players

Globe & Mail reporter attends Nintendo's holiday preview event in Toronto and expresses concern over the Japanese gaming giant's continued neglect of so-called "core gamers." From the story:

"...Of course, accessible family games are to be expected at any Nintendo hosted media gathering. Still, after being inundated by so many primary colours and upbeat game jingles I found myself craving something a little more grown up. Alas, there were no mature games to be seen. A couple of third-party titles...provided some teen-rated shenanigans, but there simply wasn't anything in the way of adult-oriented, story-based, action. I realize that Nintendo is finding enormous success peddling all-ages content to kids and casual players, but the grown-up, serious gamer in me can't help but feel a little shunned. I play and adore games like Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart Wii, but I try to keep a balanced diet of both lighter and heavier video game fare. Based on what I saw Tuesday, Nintendo isn't offering a well-rounded menu."

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Voiceofreason3762d ago

When has Nintendo ever offered adult games? Never..Geez where do they dig these people up at? If you consider SMG and MP3 to be light then Nintendo has never offered anything heavy. I seriously cannot think of 1 title by Nintendo that could be enjoyed by any age group, and I see no reason to expect it from them now