DayZ for Console Is Being Worked On & On Schedule; New Status Report Shared by Bohemia

DayZ for PS4 & XB1 is still being worked on and remains on schedule, despite PC being the priority. Bohemia also shared a new status report.

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DLConspiracy695d ago

On schedule? Feels like DayZ is like a distant memory as a game. Better late then never.

subtenko695d ago

Lol I had forgot all about that game, Ive been playing H1Z1

XisThatKid695d ago

Worst thing was this was announced like 2 E3s ago were just now getting a public announcement?

WellyUK695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

If the Standalone was on par or better than the mod then I wouldn't mind how long it's taking but it's not, it's a shell of the mod. This game is still just potential with no signs yet of any major improvements. Hopefully 0.60 can make these changes but most people have run out of hope for dayz.

OoglyBoogly695d ago

On schedule? I didn't even know they had one. I tried playing this recently and I swear it feels about the same as it did when it first released freakin years ago.

Breaking Point for ARMA 3 is a much more enjoyable experience. Really lost as to why they aren't using the newer engine. Yes, I know, they said that they've reworked the ARMA 2 engine to the point that it's "new" but a polished turd is still a turd, ya dig?

TheHunter81695d ago

This game was fun at one point but its insane how long its taking to develop along with how bad the FPS are. The MOD is still light years ahead of the stand alone version.

PFFT695d ago

Ahh yeah thats good to know. Cant wait!

Alexious695d ago

I won't touch Early Access games, but I'm curious to try the final game.

PFFT694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

I think the final build will be a launch title for the PS7. Im fine with early access titles just so long they get their proper patches and updates. And even then they dont have to release said patches at a regular basis just as long as they get releases every now and then.

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