GamePro: Tales of Vesperia Review

Tales of Vesperia is a fairly straightforward Japanese RPG, which isn't a bad thing at all. Sure, it's cliched and it doesn't reinvent the wheel. GamePro is not telling you to run out and buy it as the next big innovation in role playing, though they are saying if you have a soft spot in your heart for RPG games and you liked the other Tales titles, then this is a pretty safe bet for you.

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Bladestar3766d ago

just what I thought... Gamepro... they've being giving xbox 360 games very low score in comparison to most websites... this is why gamepro reviews have 0 credibility to me.

sonarus3766d ago

lol ok. So they gave too human a crappy score get over it

heyheyhey3766d ago

well thats what us lot thought about Gamespot

then they turned around and gave MGS4 a perfect 10

so you never know

Bombibomb3766d ago

Oh so Game Informer have zero credibility too then now? They gave it a 7.25 LOL! You 360 fanboys need to stop crying so much.

Too Human failed. Deal with it.
Tales of Vesperia is slightly above average. Deal with it.

thereapersson3766d ago

You're almost as bad as the Sony fanboys who cry foul when magazines give PS3 games a low score. Deal with it, okay? Besides, if you play the game and like it, then what is the big deal? Nobody else is going to be affected by your opinion, so quit your b1tching.

Isaac3765d ago

Guess who gave Halo THE HIGHEST SCORE, the one that is on top of most scores on that website?

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Just like all the other Jrpg for the xbox.

InMyOpinion3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Who cares? 3.5/5 is a decent score. Any real RPG fan wouldn't want to miss out on this. If you've ever played a Tales game before you know what to expect. I love the combat system.

thereapersson3766d ago

But tell that to the stupid fanboys who bash a game because it gets anything less than 90/100. I swear, with every generation of gamers, they become harder and harder to placate.

r2kcipher3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

especially since the game is averaging an 8. that means it must be fun. romance of the 3 kingdoms is one of my favorite game series. and that never never gets good reviews. but that doesn't stop me and the whopping 500 others from buying the next installment.

nieto3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

"If you've ever played a Tales game before you know what to expect"

that's the problem Jenzo, the last couple of Tales games were really crap. Tales of the Abyss sucked, Tales of Legendia sucked even more.

The only good Tales games were the GameCube Tales of Symphonia, the PS1 Tales of Destiny and the Snes Tales of Fantasia.

but it seems that you know heck about the Tales franchise and are just defending it because it's an x360 tittle.

kevin11123765d ago

i think you have the xbox fanboys to blame for the metacritic scores, they were the first to ever bring the scores up on this website.

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r2kcipher3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

a five point review system is pointless imo. give the damn game a 7/10. are they afraid people wont comprehend any numbers over 5. am i the only one who sees 3.5/5 and automatically multiples by 2? am i the only one mad this? *looks around* i think i'm the only one mad at this.

Droid3766d ago

I hate Jturds. I'm glad it flopped. Keep these on turdstation where they belong.

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