Sony Titles to be shown at PAX Revealed

GameXtract writes "Recently we posted a list of titles that you would be able to expect at PAX from Microsoft. That list contained great titles like Project Origin, Gears of War 2, and even a TBA title that is keep us writers curious of it could be. On the other hand, Sony has finally revealed what we would see at PAX from their side. In a recent post on the Official Playstation Blog, Jeff Rubenstein has confirmed that we will be seeing the following titles."

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Bombibomb3734d ago

Sony knows no rest. They're everywhere.

Some God of War 3 gameplay would be a nice surprise. :D

solidjun53734d ago

they'll show GoWIII gameplay. To be honest, when they finally reveal the game, it will be at sony's gamer day.

cahill3734d ago

SONY will just focus on the titles which are coming out this year

It is a good thing actually since FALL sales matter and focus should only be on games which are coming up soon

C_SoL3734d ago

Sony even said there taking their time with this title...........just like home.

Kyur4ThePain3734d ago

Bubble for ya.

thereapersson3734d ago

They're doing everything they can to get the Playstation Brand recognized. Oh, and thanks for the info, Morganfell! I'd give you a bubble except for the fact that I already have in a previous article.

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Silogon3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

So basically we wll be seeing the exact same games Sony has showed off for the last 3 years. WOW!!!!!!! kill us with suspense and excitement, Sony! I am just floored by all the incredible news that you will be showing us Resistance 2, Little Big Planet and "GASP" Motorstorm 2!!!!!!!!

Like we don't know where Motorstorm 2 is going to take us. We know everything Motorstorm 2 is going to offer us now. Sony, do me a favor, stop showing it. Motorstorm 2 is done. Unless you have some hidden new feature like customizable cars, trucks, bikes and whatever don't show it again.

Sony are such Dong bangers sometimes.

Edit to below:

The truth is a bitter pill best served while knocked unconcious... It makes the butt hurt feeling, Sony administers, much easier to bare.

cahill3734d ago

can u just stop posting

zenosaga043734d ago

You're not very popular here are you?

SacT0wnF1n3st3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"The last 3 years"? Are you kidding me?

Let's see 3 years ago...How could you hear about Resistance 2 when Resistance is not even out yet? Samething with LBP, Motor Storm....

In conclusion, how could you hear about these games when the PS3 is not even out yet? Hmmm... I'm wondering.

Dyingduck3734d ago

+Power Ranger Wars
+Table 2

7 > 2.5?

juuken3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

You know what Silogon?

I would prefer if you would just SHUT THE HELL UP!

Back in 2006/07, Sony didn't show jacksh*t. They were being mocked from left to right and the PS3 wasn't even seen as a gaming console. I was ashamed and was seconds away from selling *my* system. But now that they're making a HUGE turnaround, I'm glad I didn't sell it. In case you haven't noticed you ignorant f*ck, Sony has been bringing out the BIG guns, games of which have a lot of potential to be HUGE blockbusters.

How is this bad?

They're in a much better position than they were in 2006/2007!

Sometimes you do point out some good things but other times you are a pain in the ass!

BiggDaddy3113734d ago

It's PAX what do you expect? The only annoucment Sony can make is that they are going to publish Ghostbusters. That would be about all they could do. They are focused on selling this years exclusives and will focus on next years next year.

I would love to see GOW3 game play or Mag or whatever is comming out next year but by the looks of it R2, Socom and LBP + the ton of 3rd party stuff Fallout 3 etc. I could care less about what is coming out next year or Summer. My schedule is booked up till next June. I figure June will be when I beat Infamous.

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morganfell3734d ago

I know what title won't be shown. FF13 on the 360 for the Japanese.


Square says "ABSOLUTELY NO FINAL FANTASY 13 XBOX 360 FOR JAPAN" Ha ha ha. Suffer!

joydestroy3734d ago

i'm looking forward to hearing something more about the first 4 titles.

heyheyhey3734d ago

unfortunately..... its stuff we've seen so many times before

a nice surprise in the form of a new announcement would be great Sony, but then again- this is just PAX, not exactly a huge event

roll on TGS- thats always a big event for Sony

god_o_war3734d ago

true maybe theyll finally show the new teamico game and some exclusive jrpgs by the way when is tgs

mfwahwah3733d ago

I'm really excited for TGS. Sony may not be making heads roll at every event, but they're definitely being relentless with what they do show.

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