Rock Band Moving Pictures DLC stalled due to 'technical difficulty'

Bad news, everyone! This week's Rock Band DLC offering -- Rush's Moving Pictures album -- didn't come out today as planned. In a post on the forums, Harmonix's Sean Baptiste said, "There is a technical difficulty that is being worked out. I'll alert you when it is all clear." Joystiq wonders if that has anything to do with figuring out how to tell singers they can't wail on "YYZ." It's okay, please stop crying.

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clintos593437d ago

I own Guitar Hero 3 and dig it more.

Leathersoup3437d ago

hehe... sounds like marketing mumbo-jumbo to me. "We just can't figure out how to cram this much awesome onto the internet!!!"

Lord_Ash3436d ago

That's too bad I was looking forward to it, hope they fix it by Thursday.

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